The Impact of the Internet on Family and Employment

There are many implications that the internet has on families. It makes it much easier for families all around the world to stay in touch. They can do this through instant messaging or email. They can also stay in touch through social networking sites such as Facebook. Video conferencing also makes it much easier for families to stay in touch as they can have video calls and actually see each other using applications such as Skype. The internet has made it much easier for people to send one another digital photos and videos, they can do this through social networking sites or email. The increase in people with mobile devices in huge, this means it is very easy for everybody to be connected. The internet has also had an impact on employment. Employees will have instant access to a wide range of information they may need to complete their work. E-commerce has had a big impact in that people can now buy/sell goods online. This means people don’t have to leave their workplace/home and it is available 24/7. Email in the workplace keeps employees connected and also means that messages are stored and a record is kept. Video conferencing is also useful in the workplace in that employees do not have to leave their desk to attend meetings as they can be held through video conferencing. 


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