Bitmapped Graphics

The past week in computing I have learnt so much about Bitmapped Graphics. I learnt about 4 main image file formats which store data as a form of bitmapped graphic:

BMP – Consists of rows and columns of dots, of a graphics image in computer memory. The value of each dot is stored in one or more bits of data.

GIF – Supports color and various resolutions. It also includes data compression, but because it is limited to 256 colors, it is more effective for scanned images such as illustrations rather than color photos.

JPEG – This ia lossy compression technique for color images. Although it can reduce files sizes to about 5% of their normal size, some detail is lost in the compression.

PNG – Contains a bitmap of indexed colors and uses lossless compression.

I had lots of fun learning about these file formats and cannot wait to learn more tomorrow.


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