RIP Steve Jobs.

Steve Jobs was born in 1955 and died recently on 5 October 2o11. He was an American inventor and entrepreneur. He was co-founder, chairman, and chief executive officer of Apple, and also at one point became chief executive of Pixar Animation Studios. Steve founded Apple along with co-founder Steve Wozniak in the 70s and together had created one of the biggest multinational corporations on the face of the Earth. Recently, Steve has been known for his work on the smartphone with the iPhone appearing in the market. The iPhone was first unveiled by Jobs in 2007 and the iPhone 4S is due to be released to the UK on the 14th of October.

Sadly, Steve Jobs passed away due to complications with his Pancreatic Cancer on the 5th of October. He was most definitely one of the finest and brightest entrepreneurs and innovaters of our century and will, without doubt,  go down in history for his advances in technology.

RIP Steve Jobs.


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