Software Development Process (Stages 1-3)

Analysis – This first stage is carried out by a systems analyst who will understand the problem given to them, carry out an interview with the client to be clear of the problem, and then produce a software specification. This contains what has to be completed and how it will be carried out within the program.

Design – This is the second stage of the process which involves breaking down the problem into smaller parts. This can be done in an algorithm which is then turned into code. It can also be done through design notation (flow chart, structure diagram). These are top down design (taken from top, broken down to solve the overall problem). It can also be done in a bottom-up design, but this isn’t as common.

Implementation – This is the stage where the program is actually completed. The 3 types of programming language are Event-Driven, Procedural and Declarative.. Event-Driven is when the code is triggered by a button or a key being pressed. Procedural is when the program has a clear start and end and is performed in sequence.


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