Implications of Multimedia Technology

Smart Phone
A smart phone is a mobile phone which allows more advanced computing connectivity than a standard mobile phone. They can be seen as a handheld computer integrated within a mobile phone. They run a complete operating system, have an abundance of memory and larger screens. The smart phone allows you to connect to the internet wherever you are meaning you can connect to social networking sites at any time, search the internet when needed, shop online, and find out all the current news from the phone. The phone is also like a PDA, meaning it can keep you organised with features such as an address book, calendar, calculator, note pad, voice recorder, camera etc.

Pocket PC
A pocket PC is very similar to the smart phone, in that it has many of the same features but will run on a Microsoft Windows Mobile classic operating system. It will also have some of the abilities of a modern PC. The Pocket PC, just like the smart phone, allows you to connect to the internet at any time. The phone comes with many add ons such as GPS, cameras, RFID and barcode readers.

Virtual Reality
Virtual Reality is a term that applies to computer simulated environments where the person puts headgear, gloves and suit on to detect their movements and it makes the person feel like they are actually in this place and in that current situation. It can be very similar to reality and create a lifelike experience for them.

Digital Television
Digital Television means multiple screens can be viewed at once, and interactive multimedia can be used for quizzes etc. It is also more compatible with modern technology such as computers, DVDs, Blu-Ray, and modern video processors in TVs. The TV will have a higher resolution meaning a more precise/sharper image is seen.


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