measures of performance & types of computers

measures of performance; the clock speed is the rate in bits per second measured in hertz.. MIPS is the amount of instructions the processor can do in one second, & the FLOPS is the measure of the arithmetical speed of the processor.. benchmarks are a standard set of computer tasks designed to allow a computers performance to be measured.

types of computers; mainframe computer is used to process alot of information quickly, it has a few very fast processors that are each given a seperate task to complete & the RAM can be up to several terrabytes.. a desktop computer used to just have one processer, but over time this has changed to newer computers now having a dual or quad processors, the memory on these computers is around 2gb – 8gb, & its processor speed is from 1.6GHz – 3.5GHz.. a laptop contains the same applications as a desktop computer but you can carry a laptop with u anywhere, but they generally contain less specification.. a palmtop computer can be used whilst moving around, these can also be known as PDA’s or a handheld computer, the processor speed can be between 100MHz – 1GHz… & an embedded computer is used to control dedicated systems such as camera’s, washing machines, & cars.


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